If you are looking to build a solid, well-rounded, goal crushing work environment, you will want to make sure that you have a significant amount of women on your team. Women are known for bringing a particular set of skills and traits into the workplace that are different from what men have to offer. These skills can help improve the overall flow of business.

Emotional Intelligence

The higher levels of emotional intelligence that women tend to have, allow them to empathize with others more easily. This is of great value for not only the in-office work environment, but for any clients that the business may have to interact with on a daily basis. When potential customers feel seen, heard, understood, and significant, it’s easier for them to become loyal customers.

Women Value Relationships

In addition to being more empathetic at work, women are known to place higher value on relationships and connections. They are also able to communicate more effectively. This is in part due to their ability to listen closely to what their co-workers or employees are telling them—whether personal or business related—and reacting in a compassionate manner. Similarly to what we mentioned in the last section about customers feeling valued, when your team or teammates feel heard and understood, productivity increases and stronger communication skills are developed. These skills have allowed women to be placed among the best of the best at managing teams effectively.

Work-Life Balance

Women also bring with them a gentle, yet strong demand for work-life balance. The increase of women in the workplace has forced many businesses to reevaluate their structure and allow for more flexibility in work locations and work times.

Before women started working alongside their male counterparts in higher waves, provisions like childcare, eldercare, quiet/breastfeeding rooms, and work from home schedules were unheard of at most companies. Now, the most successful organizations offer all of these options plus more. Men didn’t even know that they needed some of these things until women started speaking up about them.

Women have brought and continue to bring far more to the workplace than we are able to squeeze into this article. Women still, however, have a long way to go before the pay/promotion/equality gap is closed between them and their male peers. One thing that can’t be denied is that women are and will continue to be necessary to the growth and success of organizational culture.

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