Have you been wondering about whether or not working with a staffing firm is the way to go for your business? Is it worth the investment or the time it takes to find one that you can trust? Well, it’s your lucky day because in this post we’ll be talking about the different types of businesses that benefit the most from working with staffing agencies.

What does a Staffing Agency Do?

The role of a staffing agency is to help companies find and place high quality candidates for short and long term positions and eliminate the challenges that frequently come up during this process. It may be that the business doesn’t have a human resources department or the time to go through the screening process. Another possibility could be that they just want to alleviate themselves from the responsibility of recruitment and work with a firm that is experienced and can ensure that things are done correctly and efficiently. Either way, a staffing agency is a great option for a wide variety of companies. At Delta Personnel, we help our clients overcome high administrative costs, insufficient recruiting, high employee turnover, and so much more.

Do I Need a Staffing Agency?

There are five industries that we have found to benefit from working with us the most. They are administrative and clerical, healthcare, hospitality, professional, and skilled labor. Specific skills are needed to perform many of the jobs in these categories at a high level and filling the position without the help of a staffing firm can be an extremely long and daunting process.

For example, in the healthcare field, there are positions like doctors, nurses, and pharmacists that require thorough background checks and in depth interviews while still ensuring that these openings get filled quickly with as little risk as possible. It could take a company anywhere from several weeks to several months to complete the staffing and recruiting process for these types of positions. Additionally, not all businesses have departments that specifically handle this line of responsibility—there are many smaller organizations that do not. This is where the beauty of partnering with a recruiting firm comes in.

The recruiting firm handles finding talent, reviewing resumes, running background checks, scheduling and performing interviews, and so much more. The agency also takes on certain risks related to taxes, insurance coverage, and labor laws, which change very often and can be difficult to stay on top of. This is especially instrumental when you have positions that you need filled as soon as possible.

A Worthwhile Investment

If you are in any of the fields that were mentioned earlier in this article—clerical, healthcare, professional, hospitality, skilled labor—partnering with an agency to handle this part of your business is definitely worth considering. It’s a priceless investment that will save you a lot of time, energy, and headaches.

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