Organizing an event is no small task. From planning and promoting to hospitality and everything in between, there is a lot to accomplish—and proper execution of all these things is dependent on a highly capable and dedicated staff.

New Orleans, for example, is home to several large and extravagant functions like concerts, galas, and outdoor festivals. These events often require additional assistance outside of the organizer’s immediate team to fill roles like dishwashers, servers, chefs, bussers, and barbacks just to name a few. This is where partnering with an agency like Delta Personnel comes into play.

Time Saved

As mentioned earlier, it takes a lot of effort to organize and execute a large event. It’s also an extremely time-consuming process that can last for months at a time. Suppose you don’t have enough people on your team to run your event with confidence? Working with a staffing agency will assist you in getting those open positions filled as soon as possible with trustworthy candidates. As a business owner or employer, time is not something that you have in excess—so, having a staffing firm do the scouting instead of you reviewing resumes and interviewing is the smartest move that you could make.

Money Saved

Depending on the type of event that you are putting together, costs can add up very quickly. Securing a venue, obtaining licensing, vendors, food and activities is expensive enough without including the costs associated with hiring a capable staff. By working with an agency, you won’t have to worry about the fees that come with listing job openings on various boards and websites. Additionally, the staffing firm will be responsible for any taxes, payroll, and benefits like workers’ comp or disability. Yes, you are paying to hire and work with the staffing agency, but the benefits of investing in that service far outweigh the costs.


As if the guarantee of saving you time and money aren’t enough, a staffing agency also ensures that the individuals they hire are qualified for the positions that you are looking to fill. Because these firms have an extensive database of people who they have already screened and possibly met with, it is easier for them to find a match to fulfill your staffing needs.

If you have a big event coming up soon or even in the distant future and have no idea how you are going to fill certain positions as efficiently as possible, do yourself the favor of hiring a staffing agency. This will afford you the opportunity of devoting more time to other areas of your business and the planning process. Instead of collecting resumes and posting job listings everywhere you can think of, let a staffing firm handle that for you. You’ll be confident in knowing that the talent provided is reputable, and the job will be executed in a professional manner.

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