In an age when hiring managers dedicate countless hours to researching potential candidates on employment-oriented social networking sites like LinkedIn, the need for a professional, well-written resume still remains essential to securing a new job. Networking sites are a great way for hiring managers to find information that supports a candidate’s qualifications, but a resume is a marketing tool – an advertisement for yourself – that offers employers an in-depth look at your past experience and qualifications. As intimidating as it is to put together an effective resume, following these four easy steps could help you secure your dream job.

Take Your Time
Just like an ad, that potential employer is only going to spend a few seconds looking over your resume to decide if you go on the short list for a phone call, or if you go in the discard pile. Not a lot of time, so you want to make sure you take extra time yourself to make that first impression really stick. How do you do that?

Be Professional
There are a lot of ways that a resume can be structured, but the things you absolutely want to include are your contact information, previous work experience, past jobs/titles, skills or certifications you have, and education (if applicable). Make sure you have everything laid out in a professional design, if you need some examples just search Google for “professional resume examples” and prepare to be flooded.

Quantity vs Quality
The way your resume looks at first glance is just as important as how it looks the second (and longer) time around. Make sure your grammar is clean, there are no misspelled words, and that you don’t get too wordy. You have about a page to work with, so make it as pristine and professional as possible.

Tell the Truth
A resume should always, always be accurate. Do not lie because you will be found out, and don’t flirt with grey areas because the risk isn’t worth it. Education, employment dates, job titles, and technical skills are the most fibbed-about things on a resume, so hiring managers know to verify them with previous employers and schools.

Bonus: If you have LinkedIn, make sure it is up-to-date
Not everyone uses LinkedIn for their online resume, but it is still considered by many employers to be a great place to find out more information about you. Plus you can put way more than a single page’s worth of background content about yourself on a LinkedIn profile. If you have one, make sure it is up-to-date and does not conflict with the physical resume you handed in.

Your resume is how you get a foot in the door, an at-a-glance image of why you are a great fit for that job. In just a few seconds you have to get the attention of the potential employer just enough so that they decide to learn more about you. Make your resume stand out with these tips, and let the fantastic folks at Delta Personnel help find the right job for you. Contact us today at 504-833-5200, or check us out online at