Services We Offer – Payroll Solutions

You make the hiring decision – we take care of the rest

Delta Personnel will become the employer of record for as many people as you chose for as long as you need them.  We prepare and fund the payroll, as well as assume all mandatory tax and legal liabilities. You concentrate on running your business; Delta Personnel focuses on preparing payroll and W-2s, as well as filing and paying federal and state taxes. 

Think of it:

  • No forms to fill out
  • No paychecks to issue
  • No reports to create
  • No W-2s to prepare and file.

As the employer of record, Delta Personnel’s manages our clients’ entire payroll system by:

  • Making all workers compensation payments and processing all needed paperwork  
  • Making all unemployment insurance payments and processing all claims
  • Paying the employer’s contributions to Social Security and all legal withholdings
  • Issuing paychecks on a weekly basis
  • Preparing and distributing all necessary W-2 statements
  • Creating and filing federal and state required tax reports.