Solving Your Labor Pains – the First Time Around

Labor pains are the result of:

  • High employee turnover
  • Inefficient recruiting
  • Continuous overtime
  • High administrative costs

Delta Personnel solves your labor pains by providing a full range of staffing services.

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Temporary Staffing

Today’s business environment requires flexibility.  Leveraging our qualified temporary employees allows you to match your fluctuating requirements to skilled, knowledgeable talent.  One person or a complete team, a single-location or multi-state, Delta Personnel can support your needs with workers ready to make an immediate, positive impact for your company.


Have you ever wondered how much a bad hiring decision can cost your company?  By partnering with Delta Personnel’s temp-to-hire program, you can try out potential employees – on the job – before making a hiring commitment.  This significantly reduces your chance of a bad hire.  With our temp-to-hire program, you have a predetermined time frame to evaluate the prospective employee to ensure that the perfect fit exists.

Direct Hire

Adding a new employee is a big commitment. Hiring the best person is important. Delta Personnel’s recruiters spend time with you – at your place of business – to learn about your business and your needs.  We have the resources and the expertise to quickly identify, assess and recruit the best employee.  We do not simply provide you with a list of candidates. We provide you with a list of highly qualified candidates, assist with the interviews, check references, and facilitate the entire placement process – saving you time and money.

On-site Services

If you are trying to manage a high-volume temporary workforce, it pays to have an on-site staffing partner.  Our on-site services provide experienced staffing professionals who can handle all paperwork, training and other HR issues.