Choosing the right agency to support your staffing needs has become an increasingly important decision for New Orleans businesses. The ability to quickly hire temp and contract workers has allowed employers to be flexible and scale their staff according to the needs of their growing businesses, sometimes allowing for the permanent addition of those workers into the company. For this kind of agility it is important that you as an employer can build a strong relationship with the agency you use. Here are some ways you can do that.

1. Don’t stop at the sales team; meet the agency’s service staff as well.
The ones delivering results are the ones who will facilitate your success. Does the agency have a reliable service staff that you can communicate with? Do they meet or exceed your expectations and keep your values in mind?

2. Locally Focused?
New Orleans has a unique flavor when it comes to her people, and you need an agency that understands our city’s unique culture and is trusted in the area by both employers and employees. Delta Personnel has been working in the local markets for nearly 50 years, and you can take that to the bank.

3. Can they meet your needs?
An agency will not always have the exact service model you are looking for to meet your business needs, and that’s fine! The important thing to look for is an agency that can be flexible and customize their work to their clients’ needs.

4. Recruitment metrics.
How does this agency measure its success, and what is its track record? We’ll touch on testimonials later, but it is important to find out what they define as a ‘successful’ staffing scenario and if that is up to your business’ standards.

5. Quality vs. Quantity.
Are you looking for a specialist, or a number of standard employees? Look for an agency that can facilitate the kind of hire you are looking for to meet your business goals.

6. Placement & arrangements.
A staffing agency is not going to be able to handle every situation equally, sometimes placement requires a specialist and not a standard employee. Find out their policies on more difficult assignments and placements.

7. Candidate Screening.
Ask how they process and evaluate candidates. There will almost always be some sort of screening system in place, but it’s important to know how in-depth that system actually is.

8. What is their long-term perspective?
An agency is not going to be able to bullseye your needs on day one, so find an agency that will due their research and prepare for the roll for which you are bringing them in. Continually growth and effort from both sides is what will carry you into a great partnership.

9. Ask their clients.
Finally, the simplest part of due diligence is just to ask some of their clients (old, new, past, current) to see how the agency’s services stacked up and if they were satisfied with the results they got.

Finding a staffing agency to partner with for your long-term success doesn’t have to be a challenge, set up a personal chat with one of our team to see how we can help you achieve your business goals. Just give us a call a 504-833-5200, or email the team at You can also Request an Employee on our website or Find Out More about our company’s culture and values. We look forward to working with you to solve your labor pains.

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