Daily workouts are a common task bestowed on the 10-member team at Delta Personnel, Inc., a staffing solutions agency in Metairie, Louisiana. Workouts are led by Angela Mitchell, the stern but funny payroll/accounting processor who assembles her co-workers three times a day to partake in a 15 – 20-minute workout. The majority all-female in-house staff, takes Mitchell’s sternest with a great sense of humor. They understand that although her bark is worse than her bite, her mission to keep them healthy is important to the sustainability of a productive workplace.

Recently, Mitchell and her co-workers were recognized by the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce as one of the two ‘healthiest’ workplaces in New Orleans. As part of its new healthy business initiative, the Chamber will award Delta Personnel and Laitram, LLC the Healthy Business Award at its luncheon on May 10.  According to the Chamber, Delta Personnel excelled as a top award recipient because of the “tremendous impact of its health and wellness program on its employees” and the company’s commitment to healthy choices for meals and participation in charitable races.

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