It’s time to hire, and you’ve always relied on internal personnel to source candidates for your staffing needs. But have you considered the time and resources it takes to go through stacks of resumes looking for those diamonds in the rough? Allow Delta Personnel, Inc. to put some things into perspective when it comes to hiring employees verses utilizing our valued services.


Save On Resources

Staffing agencies like Delta Personnel are an extension of your current HR department. Hiring a new employee requires a great deal of time that your hiring managers may not have. But Delta Personnel allows your HR team to focus on the current needs of the department and not have to worry about sifting through hundreds of resumes, updating listings, and scheduling interviews.


Save On Time

Staffing agencies specialize in temporary recruitment. So if your company is in need of an extra set of hands immediately, they have candidates that are available on a moment’s notice. Temporary resources can help ease the workload of your current employees and can be relieved once the project is completed.


Save On Turnover Costs
What does it cost to hire an employee? You have the time invested by your managers or human resources department to find the employee, the time it takes to interview them, and then to consider the money spent on completing pre-employment screenings. One step further, you hire them and then you have payroll taxes, workers compensation insurance, liability insurance, and benefits to name a few. If they don’t work out, you then have the added cost of unemployment insurance. You can rest at ease knowing that these things are all taken care of for you by Delta Personnel.


Save On Expenses

We relieve some of the costs associated with hiring staff. Along with taxes, payroll, worker’s comp and other benefits, Delta Personnel also eliminates the costs of listing jobs and the cost associated with the time it would take your internal hiring manager to recruit new staff. All of those expenses add up and can affect the budget of your company. In addition, your manager will only have a hand full of the best candidates to look through rather than an abundance of candidates.


Save the Worry

Delta Personnel works with businesses to recruit and hire every day so you don’t have to worry about unqualified candidates stepping in to do the job. We have a thorough screening process that ensures you only receive those few resumes of candidates who specifically meet your qualifications. Delta Personnel saves you from wasting hours speaking to the wrong candidates and investing minutes in the right ones.


We are fully committed to creating lasting relationships between our clients and candidates. The true value of our services is in the employees, their skills, and our commitment to your success! Find out more and contact Delta Personnel at 504-833-5200 or by email at


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