If you haven’t started looking yet, it’s time to get in gear and grab a seasonal job for the Holidays.  Small Business Owners have begun looking for new hires to help with the influx of holiday traffic. The National Retail Federation predicts businesses will add 585,000 to 625,000 seasonal workers in, which is comparable to the 607,500 seasonal employees hired last year.

If you want to get a head start on your work competition, plan your job search carefully using these tips.

Know Where to Look
Big box stores are not the only places that need seasonal workers; you may also find lots of local establishments and services that are looking to bolster their staff during the holidays. Also don’t stick to just looking online for job postings. Using a staffing agency like Delta Personnel will allow you to utilize their connections and expertise to land yourself the job you want.

Start Early
Employers already know how many people they need to hire for the holidays, so start searching now. Even if a job doesn’t begin for another month, it’s best to lock in an opportunity sooner rather than later.

Be Prepared
If you’re stopping into an establishment to shop for seasonal work, be prepared to fill out an application and participate in an impromptu interview. Bring your own pen and necessary documentation to prove you can work in the US legally.  A printed copy of your resume, if you have one, and all contact information for your professional references. Be sure you block off enough time to meet with a few supervisors should the opportunity arise.

Dress the Part
When you’re looking for any kind of job, show up dressed in business-casual attire, at the very least. If the seasonal work for which you’re applying is outdoors (think Christmas trees), wear neat slacks, polished shoes, and a collared shirt.

Be Flexible
A great way to stand out from other job-seekers is to make yourself as flexible as possible, and we don’t mean like those Olympic gymnasts. A hiring manager revealed that demanding a specific schedule from an employer is a sure-fire way to make yourself unappealing to an employer and lower your chances of getting the job.

Instead, be prepared to be flexible, whether it is in regards to the hours you work or the type of work you are doing. Holiday seasons can be unpredictable, so help alleviate the hiring manager’s concerns early on.

Take Opportunities That Present Themselves
You never know what will happen over the holidays. If your manager sees great effort, a good work ethic, and solid performance out of you, that seasonal holiday job may evolve into a permanent position at with the company. If you go into the job with the mindset that it’s just for a little while, you may miss seeing the opportunity that presents itself to you. If you want it, take it! Work towards the job you want, not the job you have.

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