Switching careers can be both thrilling and scary, but luckily you don’t have to go it alone. An employment agency like Delta Personnel can help you transition into a new career and offer valuable support at all stages of this big step.

Why should I use an employment agency?
An employment agency can match you with temporary and project-based work so you can build transferable skills and gain experience in your new area of focus. They can also help you find a full-time job in your chosen field with a range of services to help you make the switch.
• Offer tips and advice on moving careers
• Provide you with information like insight into market trends and in-demand skills
• Present opportunities you may be interested in
• Present your qualifications to potential employers
• Help prepare you for interviews and perfecting your resume

How do I get started?
Well, there are basically two ways. Either respond to a specific job posting, or sign up with the agency as an applicant who is open to a variety of opportunities.

An agency that is worth its metal will help polish your options by giving you the details about different positions and employers in your chosen career and industry. They will also be able to determine if you would be a good fit in that workplace.

When should I get started?
Ideally, you want to contact an employment agency once you decide where you want to go next. The more you know about your goals and what kind of work you want to do, the better the agency can help.
Be sure your resume includes your skills and talents. The agency can assist in fining you the right kind of opportunities.

What is the next step?
If you’ve already taken a few steps down your new career path, then an employment agency will be a big help. It means you possess at least some of the skills that employers are looking for, and an employment agency will be more likely to make a successful placement.

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