No one goes out of their way to try and be replaceable at work. There is a big difference between doing a good job and making yourself a valuable member of the team.

The most successful companies have at least one or two employees who rise above the standards set for them. If these employees were to ever leave that company, it would potentially leave a hole in production. Below are some of have traits that make them irreplaceable.


Be ready and willing to learn

No one has all the answers and a valuable worker never lets ignorance stand in their way. When they do not have the information, they will think outside the box to get the knowledge they need to complete the challenge at hand.


Put your ego low on the priority list
Being aware of others feelings and insecurities is important, but those things can get in the way if they are the main focus. Valuable workers know who they are and that they are responsible for their own experiences. They never letting their ego become a source of drama.


Work to inspire others around them
The CEO can not be the only one motivating the company, employees at any level can be uplifting and a positive influence on those around them. When you help improve morale, everyone feels better!


Be willing to teach others
Majority of successful companies have training programs, manuals, and curriculums for new employees. Many times the best way for a newbie to learn is to be taught, hands on, by someone who has been there a while. A valuable employee can break down the process and help others to learn that process quickly and most importantly, correctly!


Strive to be efficient
When you have done a job long enough you begin to see the areas where changes can be made to make things more efficient. Being able to provide feedback and offer ways to make a task or service more efficient will show initiative and creativity.


Always be willing to fill in
Whenever things happen in a business, they can happen really fast. It’s important to be ready and willing to step in and fill the necessary gaps when asked. Doing it without letting your own responsibilities suffer is just icing on the cake!


Be honest
Honesty is not always easy… especially if you are the only one willing to speak it. Being honest helps prevent potentially damaging situations occur when hidden truths inevitably do surface, which rarely happens in a good way.


When you see a problem, address it. You may help avoid disaster.
Many times an impending crisis is blatantly obvious to a worker who is hands-on but not at all obvious to a manager or CEO. Being able to see the big picture and anticipate issues ahead of time will allow you to make suggestions to strengthen the business and avoid disaster.

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